Lightning Fast

No more working with offline spreadsheets, manual price calculation, double-bookings. Automatic communications and sale optimization, search filters and a great user experience.

The underlying technology (Nodejs, MongoDb) is known for it's speed and ability to handle even heavy loads with ease.


Team Friendly

Ever wanted to super quickly be sure about pool lane availability at different sites you like to visit for training camps?

Or you're an agency looking to keep up-to-date with possible destinations and present your services?

Swimineurope.com has you covered!


Easy to work with

To manage pool lanes, just "click" on time-lane slots or mark multiple at once for a status and booker.

All data is kept for you in one place, backups daily.

Multiple languages for the user interface are in the pipeline, currently available: EN


The objective is not only to help pool owners ease their logistic tasks around pool hire, one of the main goals is to also grow into a central platform for swimming teams, agencies and pool owners to enhance all communication and processes around pool hire and accomodation. Besides being able to communicate pool availability of many pools in near real-time to all interested, this is meant to be also a place to present your services and find new places to travel to and conveniently get in touch to inform or reserve.

If you would like to be listed apart from offering pool lanes, please get in touch and let's discuss the possibilities.

A trial speaks more than 1000 words...

You can request a free 2-week trial membership to see if this is for you:

If you would like to end your trial period, you don't have to do anything, I will automatically end your membership and delete all the data belonging to you including your personal Email Adress / contact data.
In case you decide to continue using Swimineurope.com, please get in touch before that to prevent the deletion of your account.

Swimineurope.com has a very simple price model:
Every pool you manage is charged 49 Euros / month.*
You only need an internet connection and a computer to ramp your pool management up to the next level.

After successfully applying for a trial period (I only need your Email Address, Name and a proof that you are a pool manager or owner for real) I send you detailed instructions how to proceed.
If you have any questions upfront or would like to contact me personally before anything don't hesitate to write an Email, PM on Facebook, Linkedin or give me a call!

Coming Soon!

*(Canarian IGIC included).